9apps the app yo should not miss it


We live in an era where the most important thing is technology. You will see many big companies competing with each other in one or other way to get on the top and beat the other.

Most of the time game is of revenue generation and holding the most share of the market. In recent days an app store called 9apps came into action and starting competing google play store.

9apps provide all of the popular apps that you will find paid on google play store for free and the best thing is they are totally secure so no worries about downloading them. 


Just like google play store you can find almost any time of app from ringtones to wallpaper everything is available for free. 9apps is only available for android but still you can use it on apple phone as well.

Just like google play store 9apps is updating its app store on a daily basis as well so that they can compete in the market.


9Apps Features

  • Best alternative to google play store.
  • User friendly can be easily used by anyone.
  • Have very low size so no need of more memory.
  • You can easily filter apps with in it.
  • Almost every app of google playstore is available.
  • Can be easily used on slow internet connection.
  • Its compatible with any android version.
  • Just download its apk and you are good to go.
  • Can be easily used on pc .
  • Does Not contain any adds

9Apps wallpapers 

You can easily find any sort of wallpaper on 9apps to make your cellphone background looks perfect. You can find different sort of wallpaper like from nature landscapes to romantic ones. Unlike google playstore apps they are very low in size just like 100kbs not more than that.

9Apps Games

9Apps give you the functionality to download different types of games for free. You can find different categories games like adventure racing action arcade etc the only thing you need to do is to download it and play there is no restriction and all of them are free. 


Best thing about it is the different sort of apps that are available on it. You can find apps in any sort of category like health and fitness lifestyle news and magazine.

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