Every Thing About Nova Launcher Prime

Every Thing About Nova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher Prime is the best launcher for android smart phones which enables you to replace the home screen of your device with the one which can be controlled and can be customized easily. With Nova Launcher Prime you can change Icon themes, different colors, layouts of your device, animations of your device and a lot more. Nova launcher Prime enables you to change or customize every aspect of your launcher like dock configuration, grid size, scroll behavior etc. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the fastest launcher on Android platform. In google play store there are both paid and unpaid versions of Nova Launcher Prime available. The Paid version is Nova Launcher Prime which is the premium version of Nova launcher for Android users.

Every Thing About Nova Launcher Prime

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The following are the key features of Nova Launcher Prime.

  • Nova Launcher is simple to use and contains the best user interface which makes it easy to understand and use.
  • Replaces the home screen of your hand set with the one which you can control and edit.
  • Set shortcuts for the most used apps and games in your display of your device.
  • Hide those apps which you don’t use or use rarely.
  • Nova Launcher Prime counts the unread messages of your smart phone hence with nova launcher Prime installed in your device you don’t need to worry about your messages. Nova Launcher Prime wont let you miss any unread message.

Final Words:

Most of the users wants something more than their smart phones they like to designed their hand set according to their own needs. Nova Launcher Prime is specially designed for that type of Android users. With Nova Launcher Prime one can easily change the design and performance of their device. Change icons, create different tabs, change colors etc of your device with Nova Launcher Prime.

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