What is Farming Simulator 18?

farming simulator 18

Farming simulator is one of the best simulator game for enjoying a real tractor simulator. This game is quit unique and different from other Android games because in this game you play as a farmer and enjoys the feeling of a real farmer. In farming simulator you are provided with a tractor simulator and a piece of land. You uses the tractor to get ready your field for growing seeds, grow plants, water plants, take care of the plants and sell your crops when they are ready. Selling your crops provide you money and more ground which increases your fields. Again you harvest crops and the game goes on. By going further and further increases your land and provide you money which is used to buy new plants and seeds and update your tractor.

farming simulator 18

Features Of Farming Simulator 18:

The following are the key features of Farming Simulator 18.

  • Take possession of your own land.
  • Take possession of your tractor stimulator.
  • Manage your farm with the help of your tractor.
  • Grow seeds.
  • Water your plants in the fields.
  • Harvest your crops and take care of your fields protect it from birds and animals.
  • Sell your crops to earn money and acquire more land.
  • Enjoy real tractor stimulator and get the feelings of a real farmer.

Final Words:

Farming Stimulator is a very interesting games because there are very few games of stimulator in the market for android users. Most of the Android games are actions game, adventure games, strategy games etc. this game is very unique in its own way. This game increases the curiosity level of the player by growing plants and going further and further in the next stages. I personally like this game because it gives you feelings how a farmer manages his own farm.

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